Green Screen Video Production

This short video clip comes from a project filmed from a large corporate client that wishes to keep the contents of the entire video confidential. For this video project, the client had developed a great concept and script, but was up against a very tight timeline and budget to complete the project.

During a routine video script review in the pre-production phase, Phoenix Production Services came up with the idea of using a green screen for this particular scene rather than shooting the video at a separate location as originally planned. By doing so, we were able to make significant cost and timing savings for our client. We shot the green screen portion at the same corporate location where we shot the remainder of the video.

Green screen work can be challenging, in the sense that having the right lighting dramatically improves the “key” during post production editing. While this is a simple head and shoulders shot, we used five separate lights to achieve the even green screen illumination needed, while keeping the subject properly lit and free from green background contamination. This background on this video shot was a static picture that we blurred in post production to give a depth of field effect. End Results: The Client got the shot they wanted at a fraction of the cost of shooting the video project on location.