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Whether you’re a local business or collaborating with us from out state, we take pride in making the video production process as seamless as possible for you and your team.

Video Production CoordinationSometimes a project is just too complicated to manage remotely. At Phoenix Production Services, we can be your local "feet on the ground," providing local production management and coordination to your project to ensure your success. Our staff will work closely with your team to provide tight coordination on location regardless of where your team is based. From complete video production to just some extra help on the ground, we're here for you.

Video Production CrewDon't take risks with hiring a temporary video crew. Our team members are employees of Phoenix Production Services, and are covered by our insurance and workers compensation, which means we handle all of the paperwork for you. We follow IRS guidelines and pay the crew as W2 employees. We handle all the logistics, crew selection and availability, call sheet communication, time cards, payment, and all tax filings making it as seamless as possible for your team. You tell us what skills you need, we make sure the right crew shows up!

Video GearSourcing gear and vendors remotely can be tricky and appearances can be deceiving and pricey! We have access to millions of dollars of equipment - meaning you get the right tools for the job, and have backups available if plans change. Take advantage of our local presence and buying power to source the highest quality gear with great pricing and no surprises. We receive great service and discounts from local vendors due to our volume, and we can pass that savings and service on to you, our valued clients. In most cases, we can source your gear for less than if you go direct...and save you the paperwork and headaches!

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