5 Tips for Small Business Video Production

To make an impact in the digital world, small businesses need to create content that engages and entertains their target audiences. They need to create content that goes beyond just simple product and brand promotion and does what every good video production company strives for: telling a great story.

Videos are an excellent medium for telling that great story. You can use video to effectively communicate your company’s value proposition and impress audiences in under two minutes. Consider the following 5 video production tips before you start your next project:

1. Pick a video purpose and seek out stories that focus on itThere is no one video for all people and all things. Some videos, just like some content, should be designed to attract new clients, others to promote new services, and others to bring in new talented employees. Decide who and what purpose you have for a video and then consider the stories you can tell with it. For example, if you’re trying to showcase your brand’s authority, consider doing a ‘how-to’ video related to your industry to showcase expertise in the field and provide engaging lessons that provide real value.

2. Start with a solid scriptIt may be tempting to just jump into video production, even when working with a professional video production company. However, it is vital for even the most enthusiastic “DIY”ers to create a full script beforehand. Scripts help businesses structure the video, nail down what each actor should be saying, and list out the type of footage that’s necessary to create a cohesive film at the end of the process. 

3. Gather a lot of B-RollB-roll is what a video production company or other film professionals call the extra footage that is captured outside of the primary script. This is video like internal shots of employees working, product shots with various angles, and shots of everyday people using a product in various environments. Later in editing, you’ll find that such B-roll shots used in conjunction with voice-overs can really give your business video extra appeal and add interest.

4. Production value matters. A lotIf you’re creating a business video in-house, it’s important to note that you don’t need it to look like a Hollywood blockbuster. That said, video production matters and hiring an experienced video production company to give your film a more beautiful look will go a long way in improving how your video appeals to your audience. If your budget is tight, consider keeping the concept and some of the filming in-house and then hiring a video production company for post-production clean up to create a more polished video.

5. Plan a comprehensive releaseDon’t get so caught up in the post-production process that you forget the importance of a comprehensive video release. As they say in the film industry, “no movie is complete until it’s seen by an audience.” Start with thinking about where you want to host your video and then consider how to promote across your various digital marketing platforms (blogging, social media, etc.). The best videos promote themselves, but you need to plan where and how best to start the growth.

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