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8 Tips for Using a Teleprompter for Your Next Video Project

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 5/24/18 11:00 AM

If you've ever had to deliver a statement or script direct to camera, then you'll know that nailing the perfect presentation can be an exercise in frustration.

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7 Ways to Effectively Leverage Video Content in Your Marketing Efforts

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 5/10/18 1:00 PM

If you can create high-quality video content that can be used effectively, it can easily become the centerpiece of your entire marketing strategy. Video content can provide audiences with material that's not only entertaining, but can provide important information and messages that you're trying to communicate to a specific audience.

As with almost all companies, the goal in creating high-quality video content is to increase engagement with your target audience, and ultimately achieve higher conversion rates. If you are looking to effectively leverage more video content in your marketing efforts, here are 7 ways to achieve it:

1. Establish trust
Video content is a great way for you to reach out to your audience, and to tell them all about your company and the individuals in it. It's very important to develop this kind of human trust, because customers react much more readily to other humans. Thinking about using real customers who can offer testimonials, so that trust with an even wider audience can be established.

2. Focus on good content
Quality is always important to keep in mind, but your number one priority should always be providing great content to viewers. Content should be as informative as possible, because the reason users are watching in the first place is to be informed. If you can effectively get your message across, and do it in a way that you've impressed viewers with the quality of your production, it can leave an extremely good impression, which is highly favorable to your company.

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Why You Should Choose Arizona for Your Next Video Shoot

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 4/19/18 1:00 PM

For a company looking to shoot its next video, the location of the video shoot can play a huge role in the decision for several reasons. Many companies are constantly trying to find ways to shoot high-quality videos without breaking too much of their budget. One way to limit your production budget is to find a state/city that can double for other locations to save on travel costs, has agreeable weather, and is affordable. This is true especially if you choose Arizona for your next video shoot. Arizona has beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, and is more affordable to shoot videos here than in many other locations.

If you are looking at locations for your next video shoot, here are a few reasons why you should consider Arizona:

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3 Tips For Maximizing Your Video Production Budget

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 4/3/18 2:00 PM

When it comes to branding, marketing, communications and sales, nothing works as well as video. If you're not convinced, consider the following statistics from statista:

  • There are 232 million digital video viewers in the United States, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the country's population
  • About 85 percent of all internet users watch online videos
  • Companies spent more than $9.1 billion on online video advertising last year. 

Yes, the "next big thing" in marketing has arrived. And it is video. 

But you already knew that, didn't you? If you're like most smart organizations, you've already developed a video strategy and dipped your toes into the world of video production, and you've probably found it to be cost prohibitive. But it doesn't have to be.

You don't need to hire a big-budget production team to shoot a high-quality video that gets results. All you need to do is have a smart concept, well-thought-out production schedule and a plan to maximize your video production budget. 

But maximizing your video production budget is the hard part right? After all, you want a professional video that resonates with your audience and moves them down the marketing funnel. But this doesn't have to be hard, as long as you integrate these 3 tips into your video strategy: 

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Developing and Leveraging Your Video Strategy: Sharing and Measuring

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 3/19/18 12:00 PM

This is part 3 of our 3-part series on developing and leveraging your video strategy. If you are interested in reading the first 2 parts, you can read them here.

Did you know that almost 92% of all video watchers share the videos being consumed with others? If that’s not a reason to start sharing your video, we don’t know what is! Equally as important to sharing is understanding your video's metrics and what your audience is actually doing when they watch your video.

Here are 3 "sharing and measuring" best practices to help expand the reach of your video and to get the feedback you need to make your video successful:

Make Your Content Shareable
Video represents the highest overall share rate of any type of content on the Internet, being shared almost 12 times more than written content and hyperlinks combined! It is important that you make your video content shareable by focusing on the three main pieces of "educating, entertaining and inspiring". You may also want to enlist the help of social media influencers in your video, so that you can expand your video reach on through your social media channels.

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Developing and Leveraging Your Video Strategy: Marketing & Promoting

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 3/7/18 10:00 AM

This is part 2 of our 3-part series on developing and leveraging your video strategy. If you are interested in reading part 1 on "planning & executing", you can read it here.

When it comes to understanding how important video has become in the world of marketing, the numbers speak for themselves. For example, YouTube is now one of the most visited websites in the United States with a 72% penetration rate, and more than 500 million people are watching video on Facebook every single day! You can see that it is definitely time for you to start incorporating video into your marketing strategy if you haven't done so already. But where do you start?

Here are 4 "marketing and promoting" best practices to ensure that your video is effectively converting your visitors to leads, and your leads to customers.

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Developing and Leveraging Your Video Strategy: Planning & Executing

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 2/27/18 12:00 PM

This is part 1 of our 3-part series on developing and leveraging your video strategy. Part 1 will look at the "planning and executing" stages, part 2 will look at the "marketing and promoting" stages, and part 3 will look at the "sharing and measuring" stages.

With statistics showing that people who watch a video of a product/service are as much as 85% more likely to purchase, more and more businesses are seeing the incredible positive impact that video can have on their marketing. It's starting to become more common knowledge that you should be leveraging the power of video as part of your integrated digital marketing and sales strategy, but where do you begin?

Like anything, successful video strategy begins with proper planning and execution. Here are 4 "planning and executing" best practices to ensure that your video strategy starts out on the right foot:

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[Case Study] Partnering with a Video Production Company to Achieve High Impact Results

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 2/20/18 11:00 AM

We recently partnered with a New York agency to produce and shoot a video for EA Sports' Madden NFL 2018 featuring NFL player, Tyrann Mathieu.

Madden NFL 18 is a popular video game that has a new story mode centering around a player trying to achieve his dreams of reaching the NFL. To promote this new mode, EA Madden partnered with Tyrann Mathieu, an NFL player who has had to overcome adversity, both professionally and personally, to become an All-Pro cornerback and Pro Bowler for the Arizona Cardinals. 

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What Video Equipment Brands You Should Consider for Your Next Video Shoot

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 2/12/18 2:00 PM

First-class video projects start with first-class video equipmentFrom cameras and lighting, to production supplies and trucks, having the right equipment is essential to your video production. Whether you're looking to a shoot a simple, "how to" video, or a large-scale video production, making sure you are using the best equipment with the latest technology will ensure your video is of the highest quality possible. The following are a few video equipment brands you should consider for your next video shoot:


  • ARRI - A huge proportion of video productions and video shoots around the world are shot with ARRI cameras. Why? ARRI cameras are designed and redesigned to ensure the best image quality. ARRI camerias include a first-class sensor, unique color science and image processing that provide the widest dynamic range of images and colors captured in both the darkest and brightest areas. This makes ARRI cameras a premier choice by cinematographers who prioritize vivid color contrast and exceptional image detail in their video shoots. Click here to learn more.
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4 Benefits to Hiring a Full-Service Production Company for Your Next Video

Posted by Phoenix Production Services on 1/31/18 10:00 AM

When you're looking to create a high-quality video for your business, there is a lot more needed than just great equipment and engaging content. Adding a professional touch to your video production can make all the difference between shooting a video that successfully engages with your audience and one that doesn’t.

This is especially true if you're trying to promote a specific product or service, and the impression your video makes on your target audience is critical. To get the most engagement from your audience, sometimes your best option is to hire a full-service video production company that has the experience, creativity, and the professionalism to create the perfect video. Here are four other benefits that a full-service production company can bring to your next video:

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