The Phoenix Production Services Story

Phoenix Production Services Our Story.jpgWe face a time when the business and art of making film and video is in a period of rapid change. Camera and lighting technology is improving rapidly. Video use is exploding on the web and social media platforms. The creation of video content is growing at exponential rates.

At the same time, there is enormous pressure on content producers to reduce cost and speed up cycle time. Competitive pressure is high, and staff resources are small. Those paying for video production are asking for more content, for less money… and they need it yesterday. Sound familiar?

For about twenty years, our company has been servicing the Arizona film community and has been a witness to the evolution of the production model. It has always been our belief that the best way for our company to succeed is to help our clients succeed. We’ve seen firsthand the increasing business challenges faced by our customers these last few years….

  • How can we help our clients to coordinate and crew a job from the other side of the country on short notice?
  • How can we help small production teams scale up to produce larger jobs?
  • How can we help our clients juggle multiple projects at the same time?
  • How can we help our clients cut through red tape, insurance and vendor qualification hurdles, budget challenges, and generally spend more time shooting and less time worrying?

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For years we’ve done this on the side, and we couldn’t help but notice that it was coming up more and more. We realized that our unique position in the market - our contacts, resources, and our people – put us in a unique position to help. And with those realizations, Phoenix Production Services was born.

Our goal is quite simple – Enhance your ability to execute your production activity!

From quick interviews to large scale production – we’re here to make you look good, make your client happy, and to keep your production on time, on budget, and running smoothly. Contact us today to see how easy your next project can be!

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